Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights

2022 Volkswagen Jetta

Regular and proper maintenance through our service department at Bay Ridge Volkswagen will prevent most major issues that would cause Volkswagen Jetta warning lights to appear on your dash. However, it is still important to know what these Jetta warning lights mean in case you find yourself out on Queens roads when one comes on. Below we have broken down Jetta warning lights into their respective categories so you can quickly discern the Volkswagen dash light meanings!



Brake System Issues

If your Volkswagen Jetta warning lights are telling you that your vehicle has brake issues, you’ll see these symbols:

  • ABS Light: This light reads “ABS” and comes on in combination with the brake warning light. It means that there has been an antilock braking system (ABS) malfunction
  • Brake Light Bulb Failure: This light looks like a light bulb inside of a circle, enclosed in two parenthese. This light indicates that one or more of your brake lights is burned out.
  • Brake Pad Wear: Similar to the brake light bulb light, this light looks like a circle, with nothing inside, enclosed in dashed parentheses. It indicates that you have excessive brake pad wear and should have your pads replaced or checked.

Engine & Powertrain Issues

Should your VW Jetta warning lights be related to engine or powertrain concerns, you’ll see the following lights:

  • Automatic Transmission Malfunction:This light signals that there has been a transmission malfunction. If you see this light, reach out to our Bay Ridge Volkswagen service department immediately.
  • Coolant Level Low / Coolant Temperature High:Signaling that your coolant level is too low or is too hot, this light looks like a thermometer sitting in or above water. This light is often accompanied by three audible warning bells.
  • Diesel Engine Pre-Flow Before Engine Start-Up: Showing on the dashes of VW diesel Jetta’s, this light indicates that the engine pre-flow system is switched on. If solid, this light does not indicate a problem, however, if this light is flashing it means there has been a malfunction that has occurred in the engine.

Miscellaneous Lights

Curious about other Volkswagen dash light meanings? Here are some other VW Jetta warning lights to note:

  • Battery Light: This is a Volkswagen Jetta warning light that is red. It that looks like a battery and indicates that there is a failure in the battery charging system or that you have a low battery charge level.
  • Low Tire Pressure: Shaped like a semi-deflated tire with no top, this light is telling you that one or more of your tires have low air pressure and you need to fill them up.
  • Oil Level Low: This yellow light looks like an oil pan dripping oil. It indicates that you have low oil levels and you should schedule an oil change soon.

Visit Our Team at Bay Ridge Volkswagen!

The precise engineering behind every Volkswagen Jetta, and the proper maintenance, means that you won’t be seeing many of these VW Jetta warning lights. But should you ever run into one, especially those in red, then visit our tenured and friendly service team just a short drive from Bronx and we’ll get you back on the road. If you have any lingering questions about Volkswagen dash light meanings, get in touch with us at your convenience!

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