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Bay Ridge Volkswagen Alignment Special

What is a Four Wheel Alignment?

A simple explanation of an alignment is the relationship of all four tires to each other, and to the road. When a Bay Ridge Volkswagen technician performs a four wheel alignment on your car or SUV, they are using an alignment rack to measure and adjust this relationship to factory specifications. Depending on where and how you use your vehicle, it is recommended that your VW be aligned at least once a year, or any time tires, steering or suspension components are replaced.

Why a Four Wheel Alignment is Important?

For your Volkswagen to handle properly when driving, cornering and braking, the vehicle must be properly aligned. Additionally, if your car, truck or SUV is out of alignment, it can cause premature tire wear and result in the need to replace one or more tires before their useful life has expired. Wheel alignment helps ensure maximum tire contact with the road under various driving conditions and loads.

How Do I know if my Volkswagen Needs and Alignment?

Say you’re driving down Interstate 278 in Brooklyn and your car or SUV wants to drift to one side of the road when the intention is to drive straight ahead. This is known as “pull” and is one of the most common symptoms of a vehicle that is out of alignment. You find yourself “fighting the wheel” or turning away from the direction that the vehicle is pulling toward to drive in a straight line. It is possible that low tire pressure on one side of the vehicle or road crown can cause a pulling sensation. If your tire pressure is set to factory specifications and your VW is pulling on different types of roads (back roads and highways), chances are it is out of alignment and should be checked by a qualified Bay Ridge Volkswagen technician. Another indicator of poor alignment is uneven tire wear. A tire that is excessively worn on one side, or that has developed a rough pattern on one side (known as scalloping) is likely caused by a VW that is out of alignment.

What Caused My Volkswagen To Go Out of Alignment?

Any number of factors can contribute to your car or truck going out of alignment. A hard hit from driving through a pothole or hitting a curb can throw your alignment out of specifications. Worn steering or suspension components will also alter alignment specifications. At Bay Ridge Volkswagen, our service technicians will inspect your vehicle for worn parts prior to performing an alignment. Be sure to take advantage of our alignment and other specials below!
    • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection*

      Free estimate provided on needed Service & Parts.

      C.V. joint boots
      Exhaust system
      Fluid levels
      Exterior lights
      Ball joints and tie rods
      Tire wear and air pressure
      Cooling system and hoses

      *See your Volkswagen dealer for details.