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: Protecting Your Volkswagen

As you drive your car around Brooklyn, moisture and exhaust pollutants contaminate your engine oil, reducing its ability to effectively protect vital engine components. The longer engine oil stays in service after the recommended maintenance schedule, the less its ability to lubricate and cool engine parts. Having your oil changed by a qualified VW technician at the recommended intervals, with a genuine Volkswagen oil filter, not only extends the life of your engine, but helps your vehicle retain a higher resale value.
This is just one example of why scheduling an appointment for maintenance such as an oil change, tire rotation, tune-ups and alignments are important to the health of your VW.

Engine Oil - The Lifeblood of your Volkswagen

Most people know that engine oil provides protection against friction by creating a thin barrier of oil between the moving parts. But engine oil does more than reduce friction and prevent wear and damage. Did you know that oil also helps keep your engine clean? Dust and dirt that may have slipped by the air filter, along with contaminants produced during the combustion process are captured and retained by the engine oil. The oil filter removes the larger particles as the oil passes through it, but the oil still retains and continues to collect contaminants during its useful life. This is why engine oil is light in color when it goes in and very dark in color when it is removed and replaced. Since engine oil has a limited capacity to hold these contaminants not changing the oil on your VW at the scheduled intervals could cause premature wear to engine components.

When do I need to change the oil on my Volkswagen?

Your owner’s manual will have the oil change intervals recommended by the manufacturer. The type of driving you do may require you to change your oil at more frequent intervals.